Harry’s Marketing Plan

Choosing the right agent to sell your home is the most important decision you’ll make- be sure to make an intelligent, informed, well-researched choice! With thousands of agents to choose from-it makes sense to go with an agent with a solid, proven, verifiable track record to entrust the sale of what for the majority of people us their most valuable asset-their home! Harry is and has been in the top 1% of Realtors nationwide for 28 years in a row-this didn’t happen by accident. Over 25 years of experience selling homes, integrity and professionalism coupled with a comprehensive marketing plan that works to get his clients the most money possible for their home and his 100% satisfaction guarantee/easy exit listing-makes choosing Harry as your trusted agent to market your home the logical choice! Harry is an expert at marketing homes-a brief summary of his marketing plan for your home includes a multi-faceted approach giving his clients the maximum exposure possible to potential buyers for their homes:

  • Extensive Internet Marketing
  • Syndication Logo (See image below)
  • Social Media Marketing – FacebookInstagramTwitter and Pinterest
  • Multiple Listing Service (MLS) Exposure to thousands of other agents for their potential buyers.
  • Custom Brochure detailing all of the updates and attributes of your home (the majority of agents don’t take the time and effort to do this – Harry always has and still does).
  • Strategy for generating the most interest and possible multiple offers driving the sale price up for his clients.
  • Professional quality pictures for the marketing (we’ve all seen listings of homes with horrible pictures-that is a pet peeve of Harry’s – he and his staff pride themselves on beautiful complimentary pictures of every home he lists and sells-regardless of the price).
  • Appraisal assistance-after an offer is received if the buyer is getting a mortgage an appraisal of your home will need to be done by the buyer’s bank. Harry makes sure the appraiser has the data they need to help ensure a smooth appraisal process for his clients (no agent can control the outcome of an appraisal-but Harry does all he can to assist the appraiser with data to support the sale price of the homes that he sells!).
  • Feedback/Communication with clients — Harry’s clients love how he and his staff of assistants keep them updated — throughout the entire process-before the house is listed coordinating pictures, showing instructions etc… — While the house is listed giving feedback from showing as soon as possible — And after an offer is received helping to coordinate home inspections, appraisals, updates on the buyer’s loan as it progresses from the initial offer up until scheduling/coordinating and attending the closing of your home!

Harry’s past clients know that when they need to sell a home or have a friend or relative that does-they can 110% trust that Harry and his staff will handle it for them in an efficient, honest, straightforward manner, get the job done for them and be more than satisfied with the results because they have used Harry in the past to sell a home for them and they know how hard he works for his clients. Harry’s past clients think of him the same way they do with their trusted doctors, attorney or accountant-they don’t think twice about who to call when selling a home-they simply call or email Harry and he will take care of them! Harry would love the opportunity to have you interview him for the important job of selling your home and if you do-you will not be disappointed! Please review all of the past client testimonials on Harry’s website and he looks forward to hopefully having you as one of his repeat clients so you can also refer Harry to your friends & family and become another very happy past client of Harry Cassidy!