When you’re ready to buy a home, Harry’s extensive knowledge of the Downriver communities’ housing inventory will help you find the ideal home.

While the stock market continues to be the most-talked about venue for investing, the most important investment made by most Americans remains their own home. Yet for many people, home ownership is not thought of as an investment, but rather as the great “American Dream” — a house that reflects their character, personality, lifestyle and aspirations.

Not surprisingly then, decisions about buying a home are often the most emotional moments in your life. And with emotions so strong, it’s important that you still take care to protect this important investment. And that means being prepared.

Unfortunately, too many home buyers do little or no research before they begin their search for a house — and make that huge investment. They look for something they “like,” but may not weigh other important considerations: regional market values, resale opportunities and long-term debt load. But you should.

Doesn’t it make sense to become as completely informed as possible before you buy your home? Of course it does — and I can help.

Click below for great information that will make you more informed about buying a new home. If you don’t find what you’re looking for here, ask me! I’ll do my best to answer your questions.

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